Who We Are

HCI@KAIST is a group of researchers at KAIST with the common vision of leading the world in HCI research and education. We come together for talks by HCI researchers from near and far, internal workshops for sharing research progress, and social events small and big, including a special KAIST night at the annual ACM CHI conference.

Our Coordinators

HCI@KAIST activities are organized and supported solely by volunteers.

Web Master and Annual Report Winter
Spring Seminar CHI Night Summer Workshop Fall Seminar
Woohun Lee
Jinah Park, Geehyuk Lee, Juho Kim, Alice Oh, Byungjoo Lee
Woontack Woo
Youn-kyung Lim, Andrea Bianchi
Tek-Jin Nam
Daniel Saakes
Woohun Lee
Alice Oh, Juho Kim, Youn-kyung Lim, Jinah Park
Juho Kim, Sangsu Lee
Juho Kim, Tek-Jin Nam, Alice Oh,
Youn-kyung Lim, Woontack Woo
Andrea Bianchi
Geehyuk Lee, Woontack Woo
Geehyuk Lee
Alice Oh, Geehyuk Lee, Uichin Lee, Jinah Park, Youn-kyung Lim, Juho Kim
Juho Kim
Juho Kim, Alice Oh, Geehyuk Lee, Uichin Lee, Youn-kyung Lim
Sung-Ju Lee,
Woohun Lee
Uichin Lee
Geehyuk Lee
Juho Kim

How to participate?

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Send an e-mail to our web master, cherltte@gmail.com



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Annual Report

Download to read the annual report of 2016-2017