Participating Labs

School of Computing
Department of Industrial design
Graduate School of Curture Technology
Graduate School of Knowledge Service Enginnering

Upcoming Events

  • CHI2017: May 6-11, 2017 @ Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO

    5 Papers, 1 Note, and, 7 Late-breaking works are accepted.
    Also we will present 3 Video showcases and 3 Interactivity at CHI2017
    and Youn-kyung Lim will participate in workshop as an organizer.

    [Paper] tactoRing: A Skin-Drag Discrete Display
    Seungwoo Je, Brendan Rooney, Liwei Chan, Andrea Bianchi
    [Paper] Consumer to Creator: How households buy furniture to inform design and fabrication interfaces
    Bokyung Lee, Gyeol Han, Jundong Park and Daniel Saakes
    [Paper] PinPad: Touchpad Interaction with Fast and High-Resolution Tactile Output
    Jingun Jung, Eunhye Youn, Geehyuk Lee
    [Paper] LetsPic: Supporting In-situ Collaborative Photography over a Large Physical Space
    Auk Kim, Sungjoon Kang, Uichin Lee
    [Paper] Facilitating Pervasive Community Policing on the Road with Mobile Roadwatch
    Sangkeun Park, Emilia-Stefania Ilincai, Jeungmin Oh, Sujin Kwon, Rabeb Mizouni, Uichin Lee
    [Note] Recording and Sharing Non-Visible Information on Body Movement while Skateboarding
    Park Hyung Kun, Yi Hyeon Beom, Woohun Lee
    [Late-breaking work] WatchOut: Facilitating Safe Driving Behaviors with Social Support
    Hyojin Chin, Hengameh Zabihi, Sangkeun Park, Uichin Lee
    [Late-breaking work] RecipeScape: Mining and Analyzing Diverse Processes in Cooking Recipes
    Minsuk Chang, Vivian Hare, Juho Kim, Maneesh Agrawala
    [Late-breaking work] Connecting Instructors and Learning Scientists via Collaborative Dynamic Experimentation
    Joseph Jay Williams, Anna Rafferty, Andrew Ang, Dustin Tingley, Walter Lasecki, Juho Kim
    [Late-breaking work] Analysis of Competition and Immersion from the Mobile In-Game Score Leaderboard
    Juhong Park, Suin Kim, Alice Oh
    [Late-breaking work] PlayBetter: A Phone-based Baby Play Support System for Childcare Bystander Parents
    Seokwoo Song, Juho Kim, John Kim
    [Late-breaking work] It’s More than Just Sharing Game Play Videos! Understanding User Motives in Mobile Game Social Media
    Hayun Kim, Lebogang Wame Molefi, Auk Kim, Woontack Woo, Aviv Segev, Uichin Lee
    [Late-breaking work] Sensors Know Which Photos Are Memorable
    Soyoung Kim, Kalenzi Asio Evelyn Patra, Auk Kim, Kun-Pyo Lee, Aviv Segev, Uichin Lee
    [Interactivity] A Demonstration of Conveyor World: Mixed Reality Game on Physically Actuated Game Stage
    Jiwoo Hong, Hyung Kun Park, Woohun Lee
    [Interactivity] Motion Log Skateboard: Visualizing Pressure Distribution of Skateboarding
    Park Hyung Kun, Yi Hyeon Beom, Woohun Lee
    [Interactivity] Calm Automaton: A DIY Toolkit for Ambient Displays
    Minjoo Cho, Daniel Saakes
    [Video Showcase] Ori-mandu: Korean Dumpling into Whatever Shape You Want
    Bokyung Lee, Jiwoo Hong, Jaeheung Surh, Daniel Saakes
    [Video Showcase] Furniture that learns to move itself
    Tetiana Parshakova, Minjoo Cho, Alvaro Cassinelli, Daniel Saakes
    [Video Showcase] Conveyor World: Mixed Reality Game on Physically Actuated Game Stage
    Jiwoo Hong, Hyung Kun Park, Woohun Lee
    [Workshop] Soma-Based Design Theory
    Youn-kyung Lim will participate as an organizer, 13 besides Kia Hook