Workshop for CHI’24 – HCI@KAIST

Long Time No See !

HCI@KAIST successfully finished the CHI’24 workshop event. After facing some challenges because of the pandemic, the much-anticipated CHI’24 workshop event finally took place offline! As all the HCI@KAISTIANS met all in person once again, the atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and a warm sense of reconnection.

When: July 28th, 2023 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Where: KAIST N1 #102, 201, 106, 107, 110

Since there were some new changes in CHI review process, this workshop held a CHI Review process tutorial with three senior Ph.D students(EunJi Park, Myungjin Kim, Dasom Choi) who have experienced the review cycle. They shared their episodes of R&R process with fruitful advices. Professor Hwajung Hong well leaded the overall session with sharing her observations of being ACs.

CHI Review Process Tutorial (Chair : Prof.Hong)

This year’s CHI’24 workshop was filled with full of participations from HCI@KAISTIANS. Commitee organizers pre-gathered all the participants who want to take off their projects and created the groups to have intensive and in-depth feedback together.

Timetable of CHI’24 Workshop

We send our huge gratitude to all professors in HCI@KAIST (Uichin Lee, Hwajung Hong, Youn-kyung Lim, Sang Ho Yoon and Jeongmi Lee) and all the organizing for Committee Students!

Thank You for all participants for your amazing presentations and wish to see you all in upcoming CHI’24
as well as CHI’25 workshop! 🙂